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How to Prepare for Your Juice Cleanse

Preparation prior to your cleanse is crucial to successfully enjoying the cleanse.

Here are our best tips for you to prepare for your cleanse! 

-Give yourself 3-7 days preparation time.  (depending on your current diet + habits.) 

Drink more water!

 Drinking more water and cleansing  connects you deeply to your body needs. dehydration is commonly mistaken for hunger, drinking water to hydrate your cells and get rid of false hunger. 

Cut back on Caffeine 

If you drink your fair share of coffee or soda drinks, make the conscious choice to limit yourself while you prepare and do your cleanse.  You want your body to be in it's most alkaline state for your cleanse.  If quitting coffee isn't a goal of yours, you can continue to drink it, but maybe consider cutting down or switching to matcha  tea powder drinks to still have the caffeine. 

Eat and Drink more Fruits and Veggies! 

Introducing more raw fruits and vegetables into your diet will ensure a smooth transition as your body will already be used to the intake of the vitamins and nutrients from the fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Stray away from meat and other animal products! 

Within the 1-2 days before your cleanse we recommend eating a 100% plant based diet to prepare for the juice cleanse.  Animal products are the most dense foods and really place a strain on your digestive tract. 

Eliminate processed foods from your diet!

The sooner you do this- the better. Our bodies thrive on high vibe diets and when you're consuming foods without knowing what's being put into it, chances are your body doesn't know what to do with it and it just piles up into the toxins that you're consuming. 

After your cleanse it is recommended to eat lightly and stay hydrated. 

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