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What is a Juice Cleanse anyways? 

A Juice Cleanse is a "detox diet", it is a healthy and effective way to flush your body of everyday toxins.  It includes drinking juices made from freshly pressed fruits and vegetables for a short period of time (from 1 day up to 7 days.)

Fruits and vegetables have a lot of vitamins and nutrients, juicing extracts them from their fibre and allows the body to digest them easily.

What Should I Expect? 

Some things you can expect from a juice cleanse (if done correctly and you've prepared adequately)  are: 

An Increase in energy! 

Your body is experiencing a high amount of vitamins and nutrients that you're not used to, therefore  you may experience an increase in your energy levels. 

Curve cravings! 

Doing a juice cleanse can help curve unhealthy food cravings and in general promotes more healthy eating. 

Boost Immune System! 

Juices are high in anti-inflammatory compounds that boost the immune system. 

Improve Digestion! 

Juicing introduces and promotes healthy enzymes that help the gut work more effectively

There is a possibility that you will experience headaches, blemishes, or dizziness during a juice cleanse - this won't last long and happens due to your body working extra hardto release the toxins of our everyday consumption.  To ease some of these symptoms you can try eating some raw fruit or vegetables. 

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